Donation - Support the Coiled Serpent Mound

The Coiled Serpent Mound, designed by artist X.


Help us create one of the only effigy earthwork mounds, designed by Indigenous artist X, since the founding of the United States.


The monumental earthwork was created with the support of many community partners, leaders, members, and individuals, including Artist X, Landscape architect, Nilay Mistry, the Chicago Public Art Group, the Chicago Park District, 33rd Ward Chicago, and the Portage Park Neighborhood Association.

Envisioned by Indigenous futurist artist X, the Coiled Serpent Mound is currently rising by the Chicago River in the midst of a restored oak savannah landscape in Horner Park. The mound is located in the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago. 

The Coiled Serpent Mound is matched by Pokto Cinto (Serpent Twin), an earthwork mound created in 2019 by the Des Plaines River in Schiller Woods West. Together, the two earthworks pay homage to the Indigenous ancestral practice of mound building. 

These two sites are the anchors for a nine-mile conceptual outdoor museum trail called the 4000N. Through building with natural materials, promoting indigenous plant species, and highlighting restored habitats within urban public spaces, Chicago Public Art Group and the Portage Park Neighborhood Association activate our human connection to rivers and our existence with the earth.  

We have the funds to build the mound, but we need support for planting and maintenance. Please help us create and share this important earthwork public art.

A donation of any amount will help. 

If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact Dani Melen at


Thank you

Chicago Public Art Group

Artist, X

Nilay Mistry, Landcsape Architect

Chicago Park District

Portage Park Neighborhood Association

E(art)H Chicago


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